About Ruth

Ruth Wittenberg was born and raised in Abbotsford, BC, moved to Victoria in 1974 and attended the University of Victoria, graduating in 1979. She remained in Victoria to pursue a career with the BC government, where she spent 32 years in a number of different portfolios. Ruth is President for the BC Association of Institutes and Universities, and past Chair of the Board for the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria (serving two consecutive terms).


“A regular “decorator” of the walls of the family home and family library as a child, I was referred to by my mother as the “mad doodler”. In my teens I took several years of private art instruction, particularly drawing and oil painting, but am primarily self taught. In addition to painting, I explore other media like stained glass and terracotta sculpture, and have benefited a great deal from classes at the Victoria College of Art (drawing and sculpture), sculpture classes from Linda Lindsay, a Victoria based sculptor, working with Leslie Redhead, a Victoria based watercolor artist and Carmen Gardner, a Maui based artist. I have also enjoyed short classes offered in the community, particularly at the Monterey Centre in Oak Bay. My favourite artists are painters Alex Colville, William Kurelek, Tom Thomson, and sculptor Sergio Bustamente, because of their expert application of design, and ability to create mood and mystery in their work.

I start an art work simply because I am curious about a subject, a medium, or because some aspect of color or mood appeals to me. I have a strong completion drive, I want things to be beautiful but technically correct, and it feels good to tackle a challenging project and see it through. My desire to create a particular piece of art is not driven by a need to please or provoke thought; I create art simply because it is personally satisfying. If people like my work, or it speaks to them in some way, that’s encouraging and appreciated.


For inquiries regarding purchases, commissions or general info, Ruth can be reached at  ruth [@] ruthwittenberg.com, or at 250 217 6345.